Distilled Water Company

Jackel Porter Co., Ltd.

Jackel Porter was founded in 1975. As we had a penetrating business insight and an excellent marketing network, our customers boomed from several hundreds to over three thousands within the first two years.

In 1982, we successfully introduced the American-made water cooler in Hong Kong and made it popular in the market. 1985 was the year in which our brand distilled water - Aqua-Tek was born. Soon, as our market was expanding rapidly and a vision of supplying the best quality products to customers, a large investment was made and we planned to build our own factory.

Our HK$7.5 million water plant was implemented in 1992, which led us into a new era. With an efficient production line and abundant quality products, Jackel Porter and Aqua-Tek achieved not only reputation among customers, but also a leading position in the business field.

Since then, as one of the best service providers, we introduced Coffee Bar, Uplifting Water Dispenser and one stop shopping services to fulfill the needs of our valuable clients.

In 2003, we initiated an expansion by building a bigger factory in Tai Po Industrial Estate, which would double our production line to two. The new factory was put into service in 2005 and which is another milestone of Jackel Porter, whom will surely keep a top-class water service in all the time.

  • Provision of the best quality customer-oriented services
  • Provision of the most convenient one stop shopping services
  • Provision of the most precise computerized ordering and billing services
  • Provision of round-the-clock 24-hour hotline services

Water Production

The distilled water is produced by a vapor compressed system at a temperature of 105℃. After passing through a multi-level computerized water pre-treatment system, water turns to steam and then being cooled down to distilled water. All impurities such as small particles, bacteria and viruses are eliminated during the process. Only100% pure water forms.

Quality Control

We check the water quality once every half an hour, which is above the once-every -hour requirement of the code of practice. Moreover, we have appointed various independent laboratories to carry out the water analysis every week. Our products have the best quality because we do the quality control seriously.

Quality Compliance

NSF Certificate of 5 Gal. Bottle distilled water (Safety Compliance of FDA [Food and Drug Administration of USA])