Coffee Bar - Aqua-Tek Colibri

Colibri Brewer – Hunger for a touch – a timeless classic

  • Compact retro-styling panel with one-touch automatic control
  • Machine top pour-over for easy drink refills
  • 8 different varieties of hot drinks
  • Automatic internal cleaning system assures impeccable hygiene.
  • Rust-proof and durable external design.
  • Built-in cylinder for cup storage with automatic stirrer and cup drop mechanism
  • Express water boiling function capable of making hot beverages continuously, every hot drinks takes about 20 seconds to prepare
  • Compatible with Aqua-Tek Water Dispenser form a premium mobile refreshment centre.
  • Dimensions: W41cm x H75cm x D49cm
  • Made in Italy.
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  • Aqua-Tek Colibri
    Aqua-Tek Colibri