Repair and Maintenance Service

We provide a full range of repair and maintenance services by our professional, experienced technician teams with our service center and advanced equipment, to meet our customer's needs. Our professional sales representatives will provide the most suitable drinking water solutions to our customers and professional technician will conduct onsite checking before installation as well.

Repair and Maintenance Service

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Fax:   (852) 2660 1212

Regular Water Dispenser Sanitization

If water dispenser does not sanitize for a period of long time, suspended particulates, dust and bacteria in surrounding air will accumulate in the water tank and the water pipes inside water dispenser. It may affect the quality of drinking water. We highly recommended our customers sanitize water dispenser 1-2 times each year to ensure high quality and safety of drinking water.

2 types of water dispenser sanitization services:

  • Return dispenser to service center:
    Collect customer's water dispenser to our service center for a comprehensive sanitizing. Meanwhile; we will provide a water dispenser for replacement temporarily until the completion of the job
  • Onsite cleaning service:
    Sanitize customer's dispenser onsite.

Water Filtration System - Cartridge replacing service

If cartridge does not change regularly, the water impurities will accumulate in the filter, affect the water flow and increase the chance of secondary contamination. We provide cartridge replacing services according to specific cartridge replacement plans.