Aqua-Tek Energy Saving Instant Water Boiler
Model No.: AQSB-10LRW+ES

  • Hot water is offered continually (up to 90℃~100℃)
  • The heating system is controlled by full function digital controller
  • High brightness LED display can show hot water temperature
  • Hot water flow rate approx 40L per hour
  • Stainless steel body: Durable and avoid rusty
  • Cutting off the power supply automatically when water source is shortage
  • Dual tank construction water input to auxiliary tank with preheat function prevents the unboiled water to mix with the boiled water and drastic drop of water temperature. To avoid health risk, the boiled water will not be reboiled repeatedly
  • The hot water faucet is with safety lever. It avoids children scalded by hot water if children use the dispenser carelessly
  • Desk Top / Wall Mounted / Mobile (with 5-gallon bottled water)
  • Compatible with Aqua-Tek filtration system
  • Variety of capacities can be chosen
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  • Aqua-Tek Energy Saving Instant Water Boiler