AQUA-TEK Air-Guardian Air Purifier

  • No filter replacement & cleaning
  • No noise through natural convection
  • Deodorizing Formaldehyde, Acetic acid,Ammonia efficiently
  • Decrease Klebisella pneumoniae efficiently
  • Destroy super bacteria
  • Dimension : 250(W) x 44(D) x 520(H) mm
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  • AQUA-TEK Air-Guardian Air Purifier

AQUA-TEK Air Purifier
Model:Puripot F1N

    Apply photocatalytic technology in space disinfection and deodorant, this technology is also adopted by NASA. Puripot F1N's three innovations have realized NO UV, NO Ozone, NO Filter Replacement, Power up to 50 square meters and Super thin, Lightweight and High-quality design that can be hung on the wall.

  • COVID-19 virus sterilization
  • Safe and ozone-free
  • Visible Blue Light photocatalyst disinfection technology
  • Power up to 50 square meters
  • No Filter replacement
  • Ultra-thin, lightweight, simple and modern design
  • loT Environmental monitoring function
  • 2020 CES Innovation Award Honoree in Health and Wellness
  • Wall-mounted or Counter-top
  • Made in Korea
  • Application: Households, Schools, Medical Treatments, Nursing Homes, Beauty Salons, Fitness Rooms, Hotel Rooms, Offices
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  • Air Purifier Puripot F1N